About EXO Technologies

We are EXO Technologies- an exciting Start-Up in GPS, based out of Tel Aviv.
EXO Technologies has developed software which is the next great innovation in GPS accuracy. We have done this by taking a new approach to reducing the errors in GPS by targeting Orbit Propagation Error and Clock Error. Our product, the PICO Satellite Orbit Propagation Tool, has the potential to reduce these errors by up to 100X resulting in positioning accuracy at the centimeter level. Our Product is different from any other on the market, incorporating our own proprietary innovations in force modeling and other critical elements of astrodynamics.

EXO (Exact Orbit) Technologies is committed to bringing its’ customers the most innovative and accurate GPS software solutions in the world.

We are looking for A+ people to join our team.   Positions are full-time and there is plenty of opportunity for growth within the company.